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About us

About The Mercury Group

The Mercury Group Estate has been working continuously in the Latvian real estate market for over 20 years, and has received hundreds of positive testimonials from our satisfied customers. As a result of our broad experience we are able to offer our customers a full range of services for the sale/purchase/lease of any property in Latvia, taking into account the attributes of the local market and economic factors. At present, our work incorporates the following activities:

1. Selection and sale of properties in Latvia, in order to obtain a temporary residence permit for investors and their family members:

- property searches in Latvia in accordance with the customer’s requirements;
- provision of a complete database of properties in the most prestigious districts of Rīga, the Rīga suburbs and Jūrmala, including renovated houses and new developments;
- legal assistance, consultations and support in obtaining a temporary residence permit when purchasing a property in Latvia;
- assistance in the relocation of the investor and their family members;
- consultations and assistance, where necessary, in the procurement of loans from local banks;
- complete legal support throughout the transaction, until the property title is registered in the purchaser’s name in the Land Register, according to the laws of the Republic of Latvia;

2. Sale, purchase and lease of exclusive properties in Rīga and Jūrmala and the provision of VIP services in this market sector:

- individual searches for premium properties in accordance with the purchaser’s/tenant’s requirements and planned budget;
- a wide choice of offers and a unique database of exclusive properties, including mansions, castles, villas, manors, lake properties, estates, exclusive apartments and penthouses, as well as other properties in this category available in the real estate market of Latvia;
- assistance in obtaining the best price, taking into account the location, construction grade, internal finishing and the market value of a property;
- trusted support throughout the transaction and the execution of all documents until the registration of the property title and the purchaser’s acceptance of the property;
- guaranteed confidentiality;
- VIP services including: planning the arrival of the customer and their family members, accommodation and arrangement of working times and leisure activities during their stay in Latvia (booking hotels/apartments, meeting at the airport, car rentals, arrangement of entertainment and educational activities, elite clubs, restaurants, shopping, baby-sitting services, etc.).

3. Real estate management of investment and commercial properties in Latvia:

- market monitoring, real estate selection, and purchase support with prospects for letting – we search for the best offer according to the investor’s requirements, as well as advising on possible rent prices and the return on an investment over the long and short term;
- real estate trust management;
- investment or commercial property searches, including housing estates, land for commercial and residential development, hotels, office buildings, warehouses and industrial complexes, depending on the investor’s requirements and budget;
- coordination and organisation of meetings with owners, full legal support throughout all stages of the deal and assistance in obtaining the best price, taking into account the wishes of both parties;
- if necessary, searches for co-investors;
- calculation of the return on the investment;
- assistance and legal support throughout the deal, with guaranteed security and confidentiality;
- advice and guidance in the preparation of future plans for the development of an investment property;
- development and implementation of a marketing plan for the sale of an investment property to third parties.

4. Long-term and short-term property rentals:

- provision of a complete database of apartments and houses, offices and other premises available for short and long term rental throughout Rīga, Jūrmala and the surrounding region;
- searches for the best price for rental offers, taking into account the tenant’s requirements and budget, as well as the features of the property;
- support in executing rental agreements, taking into account the wishes of both the leasor and the tenant ;
- assistance in arranging communal services (cleaning, meter readings, payment for utilities, etc.);
- searches for a rental property in the most convenient location.

5. Services for real estate owners:

- valuation of the market value of the property and price adjustments within the framework of the real value of the property taking into account such factors as the location, real estate type, finish and infrastructure;
- searches for a specific buyer/tenant, oriented to a specific type of property;
- preparation and publication of complete information about the property in the company’s database (and, if necessary, in other sources), in order to attract the maximum number of prospective buyers/tenants;
- property publication on partner websites (with the owner’s permission);
- legal support and free advice throughout all stages of the transaction;
- ensuring communication between prospective buyers/tenants and property owners, informing the parties about decisions in a timely manner, and settling disputes, which has resulted in a very high percentage of positive transactions.

6. Relocation services:

- planning your trip, meeting you at the airport and showing you around the city;
- selecting a new home – with searches in the databases of all local real estate companies, property visits, advice on locations, preparation and verification of rental and purchase contracts, arrangements for contract signing, object acceptance (key handovers), and assistance in concluding utility (e.g., Internet) contracts;
- assistance in purchasing a car, choosing an educational institution, selecting an insurance company, opening a bank account, registering a new company, babysitting services, as well as advice and recommendations in all possible areas related to moving.

Our company provides a wide range of services in the field of Latvian residential, commercial and investment properties, as well as specialising in the luxury segment of the market. This includes exclusive properties in the prestigious embassy district of Rīga and the most popular areas of Jūrmala. We have access to all current properties available on the primary and secondary real estate market, including investment and commercial properties, development land, private villas and new apartment projects in Jūrmala and the most prestigious districts of Rīga and the Rīga Region. Our company has repeatedly been nominated as being among the best developers of new projects in terms of sales, and in recognition of our special system of working with our customers, our employees have been awarded valuable prizes. We can proudly say that we have earned the trust and respect of developers, real estate salespersons and, certainly, our buyers and tenants.

Over the years, we have created an extensive database of properties. We have built a strong foundation of regular customers, and we actively work with real estate owners, to ensure we know what to offer you! The main principle of our company is to provide an individual approach to each customer. We believe that our success largely depends on the people working with us. All of this allows us to successfully operate and develop, providing a professional level of service and high quality work. We have been recommended to friends and our services are passed from generation to generation!

Your Company,
Mercury Group


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