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Scarlet, Germany.
Daria has made an exceptional job helping me to find the ideal apartment, not only with her competence in everything with regard to real estate facts and contract relevant law question, but beyond that with her very kind and helping nature. Thank you so much!
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2018
Neil, United Kingdom.
Olga was terrific helping with my move, communication was excellent and Olga was and is still extremely helpful, I can recomnend Olga highly enough!
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2018
Довольный покупатель, АОЕ.
Я бы хотел поблагодарить Наталию Майданову и компанию Mercury Group за професиональную помощь в покупке квартиры в Риге. Изначально обратившись в компанию для просмотра другого объекта, показ которого мне оперативно организовали, я все таки решил посмотреть похожие варианты и получил очень подробную подборку достойных квартир. Наталия очень серьезно подошла к подбору вариантов по моим критериям. В итоге такого профессионального подхода мы не потратили впустую время на осмотр заведомо 'нe моих' квартир и я достаточно быстро определилися с выбором. Все встречи и показы проводились точно и вовремя. Наталия помогла в торгах и очень грамотно проводила все переговоры. Документы на квартиру оформлялись по доверенностям. Несмотря на многоэтапность сделки, все было организовано удобно, продуманно и без стрессов. Наталия не только быстро и качественно провела сделку, но и помогла с организацией ремонта и порекомендовала надежных строителей и дизайнеров - партнеров Mercury Group. Это удивительно, но ремонт и меблировка квартиры 150 м2! 'под ключ' была закончена в отведенные мною сроки - около двух месяцев. Очень доволен приобретенной квартирой и искренне рекомендую компанию как надежного партнера в таком не простом деле! Спасибо!
Покупка квартиры в Риге., 2018
Grujic Alexandra, Germany.
Paulina was my realtor. She was a delight. She not only tried her best to find me the right appartment, but succeed in any point. It is not only showing something to the client, but also helping with moving in the best way. Helped me in any cases with getting the appartment, lease negotiations, cable, infos on where to rent a parking spot... I can highly recommend this company and of course especially Paulina. A true friend.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2018
Belkiz Salihoglu, Turkey.
Thank you for your service Mercury Group! Your group assistance Pauilina made great job, took me from airport on time , showed the city around, showed excellent choise of apartment and I took decision on one very fast. Most of the time reachable and help for my needs.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2018
Rosie, England.
Mercury Group and Natalia provided excellent assistance to me when I purchased an apartment in Jurmala. There were some complexities relating to the deal and they were patient, provided good advice and were very professional. I would recommend them again. Thank you for your help Natalia!
Apartment purchase in Jurmala., 2017
Elvin Akhundzada, Azerbaidzhan.
I would like to say a few good words about Paulina Oleinikova from Riga Estate in Riga. We had our first conversation in December 2017, and she helped me a lot with my apartment in Riga. She did her best to help me as soon as possible and she was being so friendly and kind, because she could actually find some time to help me to understand Latvian life. I would definitely recommend Real Estate and Paulina to my friends.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017
Руслан Иванов, Эстония.
Замечательная компания, с нами работала Паулина, быстрая реакция, умение слушать клиентов, помощь по всем вопросам. Спасибо большое!
Покупка квартиры в Риге., 2017
Natalya Kuzmicheva, Russia.
I would like to thank Olga Zagainova and say that she is doing great job. She was supporting me during the whole process of searching an apartment for me and the result exceeded my expectations.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2018
Abdulaziz Alghomlas.
Paulina is an amazing lady that puts in 100% of effort. Hard worker and she will not rest till she finds you what you are looking for. I am super pleased with her It is of great pleasure to highly recommend her an excellent, great and trustworthy adviser in some of the most important decisions we made.
Purchase of the Office Building in Riga., 2017

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